Biodegradable & Compostable Dog Waste Bags

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  • European design

  • Vegan leather

  • Softly touch texture

  • Reinforced hardware

  • Very robust & durable

  • Handcrafted

Never have to worry about your dog poop bags ripping, with these strong and durable, biodegradable waste bags. These plant-based doggie poop bags are made from corn starch and free from plastic.

Both the box and the inner roll are made from reprocessed cartons. Our package includes nine rolls of poop bags with dimensions of 13 inches in length and 9.2 inches in height, making them suitable for use with dispensers of most standard sizes.

Each poop bag has a marked opening side that makes it simple to use, and the edge has been rounded off so that it can be easily peeled away from the roll without ripping or dragging it.


These poop bags work great and are easy to get rid of. I can pick the poop up and then toss it in the trash with no problem. They also have not torn from my big puppy poops so that is great. A must have if you have a dog you walk!

Yoyo P.

There might not be a lot to say about waste bags, but these are certainly high quality ones. They easily separate from the roll without tearing, and they can hold a lot of weight. I even tried tugging at the material, and it does not easily stretch or rip, so no worries about ending up with dirty hands, like you might if a grocery bag fails you. They're the typical size and shape of most waste bag rolls, so they should fit into any typical dispenser. While it might seem a little strange to call a
waste bag cute, these ones are printed with a cute image of some pups on each bag. The fact that these are compostable is a huge bonus; It always makes me happy when I can avoid contributing to plastic in
landfills.While I don't have a dog, I do have a cat who walks on a leash. These have already worked wonderfully for cleaning our litterboxes, and I trust them to be great for clean up on-the-go too.


Absolutely love these bags! Picking up poop is probably everyone’s least favorite thing to do but having a thick bag that not only won’t fall apart but will provide a good layer between you and its contents is so crucial. A little pricy but would definitely recommend


Great bags. Fast shipping.The bags are very sturdy. Keep the smell in.Great price for the quality and quantity you are getting. Definitely a must try. You’ll be happy.


NINA WOOF Dog Poop Bags are a good size and don't fall apart when pulled apart.


Great eco friendly option for picking up after your pup! I was surprised to find these *compostable* baggies were so affordable when I requested them on vine. Plastic is so 1970s guys; why would you pick anything but these?They are very thick and sturdy; I haven't had any issues with tearing or leakage - 10/10. Love these and they are a GREAT value.Yes. There are garbo plastic ones for cheaper.But you get what you pay for.


Really nice bags that do what they are supposed to do. I love the silky feel of these and the fact that they are compostable and good for the environment. Sturdy bags that stood up to picking up various textures of
dog waste as well as dog diapers. Easy to tear apart and open. The only negative for me was that I personally prefer bags that I cannot see any of the contents from the outside. I really don't enjoy seeing the dog waste at all once I pick it up and bag it. Note that this bag is not see-through but with the lighter color, you will still see a bit of what is inside. A great pick if you are trying to be more eco-friendly.


•Easy to open
•Large size and very sturdy. They hold up better than other bags we’ve used.• Even the center roll is environmentally friendly.
•Since the bags are made from 100% plant-based corn starch, they are completely composable. Such a great feature since everyone who uses poop bags knows how many you go through. Plastic bags are so detrimental to the environment and this is a great option.• I did deduct a star due to the cost. They are a little on the expensive side, but the bags are high quality and environmentally friendly.


I love these poop bags! The color is chic compared to the average poop bag and fits perfectly in my holder! I’ve tried Wild One poop bags before and these are of the same quality but a lot more affordable. I’m a huge fan and I would definitely order them again! One critique that I have is that the color I received was more grey than advertised but I’m still very happy with the product & I don’t mind the discrepancy.


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