Dogs & Dental Hygiene: 8 Reasons You Should Invest in Your Dog’s Dental Health

  • by Andrea Nunez
Dogs & Dental Hygiene: 8 Reasons You Should Invest in Your Dog’s Dental Health

Investing in your dog’s dental health prevents problems such as gum disease, tooth loss, bad breath and even organ damage. Your dog may be good at disguising any pain they have, which can mean that issues aren’t spotted until their dental disease has progressed to a point whether they are not eating or playing.

Read on to find out the eight reasons that you should invest in your dog’s dental health.

1.   Prevent Plaque and Tartar Build Up

The first reason that you should invest in your dog’s dental is to prevent a build up of plaque and tartar on their teeth. Plaque is formed from food, bacteria, and saliva in a dog’s mouth, and is clear in appearance. However, over time this plaque can build up and harden, creating tartar, which is a brown-yellow colour. Tartar causes gum inflammation and pain, leading to a whole host of other dental issues.

2.   Prevent Gum Disease

Gum infection occurs as a result of a tartar build up on your dog’s teeth and can be painful for them. It can manifest as red, inflamed gums that recede from the teeth, leaving them more susceptible to decay and breakage. Advanced gum disease can result in tooth loss.

3.   Prevent Tooth Loss

Prolonged gum disease in dogs can cause the teeth to become loose over time, which may result in them falling out. Missing teeth can cause pain, which can lead to a change in your pup’s eating habits. This, in turn, can lead to malnourishment.

4.   Prevent Bad Breath

A build up of plaque and tarter, both of which occur as a result of bacteria, can cause your dog to have bad breath, which isn’t pleasant for you! Regular dental hygiene such as teeth-brushing and playing with dental toys will help to reduce the presence of this bacteria in your dog’s mouth, eliminating the bad breath at the source.

5.   Prevent Pain

Gum disease and tooth loss can cause your dog significant pain, which they will likely be good at disguising. This pain will mean that your dog is reluctant to chew toys and play with you, because of the pain induced. They may also develop issues eating issues because of this.

6.   Prevent Organ Damage

Bacteria present in your dog’s mouth can actually travel to different parts of their body, including the heart, liver, and kidneys. This can cause organ damage in your pet, making them poorly. You should seek the advice of your veterinarian if you suspect your dog is unwell due to dental hygiene.

7.   You May Not Recognise the Signs of Dental Disease in Your Pet

Implementing preventative measures in the form of good dental hygiene will limit the build up of bacteria in their mouth. You may not recognise when your dog is having dental issues, as they will likely be good at disguising any pain they feel. By the time your dog is showing symptoms such as broken or loose teeth, bleeding gums, drooling, or refusing to eat, your dog’s dental disease may already be quite advanced. If your dog is nervous and doesn’t like you opening and looking into their mouth, it may be difficult to spot any gum inflammation or recession.

8.   Save Money on Future Vet Bills

Investing in your dog’s dental care now will save you money on your vet bills in the future, when advanced dental disease may need to be treated with dental surgery, involving potential tooth removal and a course of antibiotics. Invest in a toothbrush and toothpaste for your dog, some doggy dental treats, and dental toys to keep your dog happy while improving their dental health.


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