How Long do Plastic Dog Poop Bags Take to Decompose?

How Long do Plastic Dog Poop Bags Take to Decompose?

We all want to do our bit for the environment, and, as pet owners, this can sometimes prove to be a challenge. So, should we ditch the plastic poop bags in favour of compostable or biodegradable alternatives? Absolutely! Read on to find out where to find environmentally-friendly alternatives to your plastic waste bags, and how to properly dispose of your dog’s waste. 

How Long do Plastic Dog Waste Bags Take to Decompose?

The length of time a dog poop bag takes to decompose depends on the material it is made from. Plastic dog waste bags are by far the most harmful to the environment, although research suggests that some biodegradable dog waste bags have their downsides too.

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Plastic Dog Waste Bags

It can take plastic dog waste bag upwards of 1000 years to decompose in a landfill site. During decomposition they don’t break down completely, but instead decompose into microplastics, which continue to pollute the environment. Microplastics end up in our food chain whether we like it or not, and research suggests that, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Biodegradable dog waste bags typically take between three months and one year to full decompose. Where they are decomposing has a big impact on how long it will take, and whether any of the products of the decomposition are harmful to the environment. This is because there needs to be a sufficient number of microorganisms present in order to speed up the decomposition process.

Some biodegradable products are specifically designed to decompose in a landfill and so can be thrown in with your other waste, while others are not.

Compostable Dog Waste Bags by Nina Woof

Nina Woof’s biodegradable, compostable dog waste bags are specifically designed to be robust and durable, made from extra-thick biodegradable plastic to avoid tearing. The carton and inner roll are lovingly made from recycled cardboard, and the biodegradable plastic used is corn-based. These premium bags reduce the odour from your dog’s waste, whilst protecting your hands with the thick material. They are easy to tear and tie, making them ideal for long walks with your pup.

Nina Woof’s compostable dog waste bags should take between three and six months to full decompose in your compost bin.

How to Compost Your Dog’s Waste

In order to have the most environmentally-friendly solution possible to disposing of your dog’s waste, you need to know how to dispose of it properly. As discussed, even though biodegradable bags should decompose into natural components, this can be limited if they are in an environment such as a landfill.

To compost your dog’s waste, add sawdust to the waste pile in your garden in a ratio of approximately one part sawdust to two parts dog waste. The waste should be in compostable, biodegradable dog waste bags such as the ones sold by Nina Woof. Cover your pile, and turn the material on a weekly basis. After approximately six weeks your compost will be ready to use on plants. Make sure you don’t use the compost on any edible plants, as your dog’s waste can contain harmful bacteria that may not be killed off in the composting process.

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