Dog-Proofing A Home: 6 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe at Home

  • by Andrea Nunez
Dog-Proofing A Home: 6 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe at Home

When you bring a new pet into your home, its important to consider any adjustments that might be needed in order to make the environment safer. Consider clearing away unnecessary clutter that a puppy might want to chew on, lock chemicals, food and medication out of reach and be aware of the dangers of household appliances.

Read more to find out how to successfully dog-proof your home before you bring your new dog home!


1.   Clear the Clutter

Dogs love to chew on whatever they can find around the house. You should be especially wary of electrical items and cables that could be a potential hazard, along with particularly small items that a puppy could choke on. Put smaller items in baskets and bins around the house so they are not accessible to dogs, and make sure your puppy has plenty of toys to keep them occupied!

2.   Keep Chemicals Away

It goes without saying that harsh chemicals used for cleaning or washing can be very dangerous if ingested. In particular, chemicals like antifreeze are appealing to dogs but are incredibly toxic and can cause irreparable kidney damage. Make sure these kinds of chemicals are kept locked away or in a cupboard that your dog can’t access.

3.   Be Aware of Dangerous Foods

There are many human foods that are dangerous to dogs, for example chocolate, caffeine, grapes, raisins, alcohol, onions, garlic, and chives. Keep all your food in cabinets that your dog can’t access, especially if they contain any of these ingredients.

4.   Get Bags Out of Reach

Dogs are often tempted to rifle through rubbish bags in the hopes of finding something tasty. Unfortunately, this more often than not can lead to stomach problems and so for this reason its better to keep rubbish in a dog-proof bin, for example one that is opened with a pedal.

5.   Be Wary of Appliances

Washing machines and tumble dryers can be very dangerous for young puppies, and can result in many different types of life-altering injuries. From head trauma to heat stroke, appliances can cause a lot of damage to a curious puppy that crawls inside.

6.   Lock Away Medication

Keep medication, both for humans and animals, away from where your dog can access them. Some common household medications for humans are incredibly toxic, for example aspirin, ibuprofen, Adderall and beta blockers. These can cause serious harm to your pet if ingested.


Top Tips for Dog-Proofing A Home

  • Look around your home at your dog’s eyeline to identify potential hazards
  • Remove objects that your dog could use to climb up to other surfaces
  • Consider the dog’s favourite places and focus your attention on removing hazards from those areas
  • Use baby gates to prevent your dog going in rooms where there may be hazards when you’re not around


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