Will a Second Dog Bring Joy or Jealousy?

  • by Andrea Nunez
Will a Second Dog Bring Joy or Jealousy?

We hear you’re thinking about bringing a second dog into your home and that’s wonderful! But will a second dog bring joy or jealousy? Well, in truth, it might bring a little bit of both. However, the joy will outlive the jealousy, so you have nothing to worry about.

Can Dogs Get Jealous?

Oh, absolutely! Just like humans, it’s natural for dogs to experience jealousy when they notice you’re spending more time with another dog or you’re not giving them the same attention as you used to. Remember, you and your dog share a close bond! It’s natural for them to be jealous if they sense that the bond is in danger.

Signs of Jealousy in Your Dog

Dogs experience jealousy differently than humans, so here are the signs you should look out for if you feel like your dog is jealous:

  • Your dog can display aggression in the form of growls, bites, lunges, and, sometimes, attacks when they’re jealous. They can be directed at the new dog or humans.
  • Attention-seeking behaviour. If a dog is feeling jealous, they will likely seek your attention a lot more. Teach boundaries before the behaviour gets out of control.
  • Urinating and pooping inside. If your trained dog is suddenly urinating and pooping inside, it may be because of a change in their routine or environment, i.e., a new dog.

What Can Cause Dog Jealousy?

A new dog in the family may cause some jealousy but there are other reasons. Such as changes in your routine that make your dog feel abandoned, a lack of exercise or attention, new people at home, a new baby, and incompatible attention, which is when they get attention from one person but not another. Anxiety can also be a cause of jealousy, which is particularly common in adopted dogs. It will take a while for them to adapt to a new dynamic, so be patient.

How to Introduce a Second Dog

Introducing a second dog is a process and it should be done slowly to avoid any issues. First, you should introduce the new dog in an outdoor meeting. Make sure the environment is calm and controlled, and have a second person there to help.

Walk the dogs in the same direction, but maintain some distance. 15 to 20 minutes later, take them to an open area and move them closer to each other. If there’s aggression, separate them immediately without pulling their leashes. If not, allow them to play. Give them praise and treats for good behaviour.

When you bring the new dog home, make sure each dog has a separate space with separate beds, food bowls, and toys. Face-to-face interactions must be supervised, take breaks if there’s aggression, and make them eat separately. If everything’s going well, gradually move their things closer until they can happily share the same space.

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